For more than two decades I've worked for large news organizations, aiding their digital storytelling.

Since 2012, I've been a software engineer in the Interactive News department at The New York Times. Before that, I spent 11 years as a Web Editor for the Detroit Free Press.

Along the way I found chances to write stories, shoot photos and video, design for screens, illustrate, teach reporters to use technology and help them brainstorm digital ideas. I've put code on the Times and Free Press home pages and ink in their print editions.

I've immensely enjoyed my career and don't know how I got so lucky. But after years of serving primarily in a newsroom tech support role, I'd like to work a bit closer to the news gathering, using the range of narrative practices I've acquired and the affinities for language and understanding that have fueled me since j-school. I seek more opportunities to work on stories across their life cycles: conception, reporting and presentation.

If I could do this in service of audiences that seldom see rich, multifaceted media reflections of themselves, so much the better.